ARAYMOND ENERGIES E-shop Privacy Policy

Our Eshop Privacy Policy explains you how we use your personal data (your "Information") when:

  • you are a Customer of ARAYMOND ENERGIES (see our "Policy for Customers")
  • you are a Visitor of our E-shop (see our "Cookie Policy")

Finally, it contains information applicable to all our Policies (see our section "Information applicable to all our Policies").

This Privacy Policy became effective on 01/07/21.

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time and We will notify you thereof, either by email or by any means of electronic notice, within a reasonable time period prior to any later version coming into force.


1.1. Who are we?

ARAYMOND ENERGIES is a Société par actions simplifiée (SAS) having its address at 113 cours Berriat, Grenoble (38000), and registered under number SIREN 798705604 (hereinafter referred as "ARAYMOND ENERGIES").

1.2. How can you contact us?

If you have any questions about the protection of your Information, you can contact us by one of the following means:

1.3. Definitions

When we use capitalized terms in our Privacy Policy, we refer to the definitions below:

"Customer" means you if we have already entered into a business agreement together.

"Information" means personal data about you, whether that information directly or indirectly identifies you.

"E-Shop" means the online sales section of our Site where you can order our Products and Services.

"Policy" means one of the policies in our Privacy Policy that applies to a particular category of individuals.

"Privacy Policy" means this document in its entirety.

"Products" means all the products that we may sell to you.

"Visitor" means you when you navigate on our Website.

"We", "us", "our" and "ARAYMOND ENERGIES" mean our ARAYMOND ENERGIES company as identified in the "Who are we?" section.

"Website" means our website accessible at the following address:


This Policy explains the processing of personal data we do with your Information when you are a Customer on our E-Shop.

2.1. What Information do we collect about our Customers?

When you are a Customer, we use different categories of Information about you, which you may provide to us or which we may collect indirectly.

Categories of Information Description
Identity Company name and company registration number (only for companies), surname and first name and title, address (billing address, delivery address), telephone number, email, fax number, date of birth, customer code that we assign internally.
E-Shop Personal account Username, password and email associated with the account
Work situation Job title and company name
Payment Payment, terms and conditions of payment (discounts, advance payments, rebates), methods of payment : Carte bancaire (numéro de carte bancaire, date de fin de validité, nom du porteur, cryptogramme visuel)
Transaction Transaction number, details of purchase (product, service or subscription), date hour and IP adress of the device on which the purchase has been made
Customer relationship Requests for documentation or tests, products purchased or services and subscriptions taken out, orders, invoices and payment terms and deadlines, history of purchases, correspondence with you, after-sales service, exchanges between you and our customer relations department

2.2. Why do we use Customer Information and for how long?

When you are a Customer, We may use your Information for a variety of reasons:

  • we may need it to meet our legal obligations (Compliance with the law)
  • we may have legitimate interests in using your Information (Our legitimate interest)
  • we may do so after obtaining your consent (Consent). You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Below you will find the purposes for which we process your Information (the purposes of our processing) and the periods for which we retain your Information:

Purpose Legal basis Period of data retention
Management of our commercial relationship (order processing, delivery, after-sales service) Performance of a contract The entire duration of our contractual relationship
Management of our legal, accounting and tax obligations as part of our contractual relationship Compliance with the law Storage for the legal retention period to which we are bound (e.g. up to 10 years for our accounting obligations)
Management of payments made on our E-Shop Performance of a contract Upon receipt of the Products, plus the time allowed to dispute the correct receipt of the Products in order to process refunds
Storage of credit card information after one-off online payment Legitimate interest Up to 13 months for instant debit cards and up to 15 months for deferred debit cards, in accordance with Article L. 133-24 of the French Monetary and Financial Code
Storage of credit card information to simplify future purchases Consent Until consent is withdrawn or until the validity date of the registered bank card
Storage of credit card information as part of a subscription with tacit renewal Performance of a contract Until the contract is terminated or the last payment due
Anti-fraud control management Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES in detecting potential fraud by Customers on the E-Shop. 6 months
Management of complaint and litigation Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES to establish proof of a right or the proper performance of our contractual obligations For the duration of the statute of limitations applicable to our business relationship (e.g. up to 5 years for civil statute of limitations)
Security of our E-Shop (prevention and detection of computer attacks) Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES to detect malicious behaviour in order to protect the security of its E-Shop, as well as the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data contained therein (including personal data). 6 months
Sending transactional emails related to the operation of the E-Shop Performance of a contract During the entire duration of the contractual relationship
To carry out satisfaction surveys or request feedback Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES to carry out satisfaction surveys aimed at collecting the impressions of its Customers 5 years
Sending our newsletter Consent For 3 years from our last contact with you or until you withdraw your consent
Prospecting in relation to services similar to those already purchased by you Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES Up to 3 years from our last contact with you. You have the right to object to receiving our commercial prospecting
Management of an opposition list Legitimate interest of ARAYMOND ENERGIES to no longer send prospecting to its customers who have objected For 3 years from the time you exercise your right to object
Transmission of your Information to entities in the RAYGROUP business group to which ARAYMOND ENERGIES belongs for marketing purposes Consent For 3 years from our last contact with you or until your consent is withdrawn

2.3. Who are the recipients of our Customer Information?

2.3.1. To our teams

Your Information are communicated to all our teams who need it to carry out their missions within the framework of the commercial management of our Customers.

For instance: our Sales team to contract with you, our Support/Service team to handle your questions or complaints, etc.

2.3.2. To our service providers

We use different service providers for different reasons:

Service provider's name Reasons
SiteGround To host our E-Shop

2.3.3. To the entitiers of our group

ARAYMOND ENERGIES belongs to the ARaymond group, whose parent company is RAYGROUP and whose various subsidiaries are: ARaymond Automotive, ARaymond Industrial, ARaymond Agriculture, ARaymond Life, Raynet. We may share some of your Information with some or all of the entities within our group of companies.

2.3.4. To administrative or judicial authorities

We may be required to disclose some of your Information to administrative or judicial authorities when we receive a court order.

2.3.5. To carriers

Carriers and logistics service providers may receive some of your Information in order to pick up and deliver your orders.

2.3.6. To our payment service provider

Société Générale is required to process your credit card data in the context of the online payment of your transactions.

2.4. Where do we process our Customer Information?

Our main computer servers are geographically located in the European Union.

We take adequate safeguards in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to transfer your Information to countries in the European Union. These safeguards are detailed below.

Some of our subcontractors may host some of your Information in the European Union. Where this is the case, we ensure in advance that our subcontractors take adequate safeguards that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Below is a list of the data transfers in the European Union that may take place and the adequate safeguards we take:

Recipient's name Adequate safeguards taken
SiteGround Clauses contractuelles types de la Commission européenne


3.1. Preamble

When you visit our E-Shop as a Visitor, we can store or read cookies on your terminal.

3.2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file stored or read on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone). They enable us to store information on your terminal in connection with your browsing on our E-Shop. Reading and depositing cookies generally requires your consent; however, certain so-called technical cookies may be deposited without your consent.

3.3. Who use these cookies?

Only ARAYMOND ENERGIES stores or read cookies on your terminal.

3.4. What types of cookies do you use?

We use different types of cookies:

3.4.1. Technical cookies

We use technical cookies necessary for the operation of our E-Shop:

  • we store a cookie on your terminal to remember your choice (acceptance, refusal) concerning the cookies
  • we store cookies to remember the items in your shopping cart

These cookies do not require your prior consent due to their technical nature.

Cookie name Purpose Duration
Tartaucitron Store your choices about cookies. 12 months
AmYetRedirectStore Store your choices about language week
Am_current-store_url Store your choices about language week
Frontend created whatever the visited page 24 hours
Frontend_cid created when a HTTPS page is visited 24 hours

3.4.2. Cookies for audience measurement

We use audience measurement cookies in order to establish statistics on the number of visitors to our Site and statistics on the use of our E-Shop.

Cookie name Purpose Duration
__utmc Keep during the visit time on the site for statistical purposes End of browser session
__utmz Keep keywords used for statistical purposes 6 months from set/update
__utma Keep the day and date of purchase for statistical purposes 2 years from set/update
__utmt Keep the number of requests made on the site for statistical purposes 10 minutes
__utmb Keep the date of visit to the site for statistical purposes 30 mins from set/update

3.5. How can I withdraw my consent?

You can withdraw your consent at any time by setting it on our cookie manager accessible here:


4.1. What are your rights?

The GDPR give you several rights:

Right of access You can ask us to access all the Information we hold about you.
Right of rectification You can ask us to correct your Information if it is inaccurate.
Right to object You can ask us to stop using your Information where we do so because of a legitimate interest. You may also ask us to stop receiving commercial marketing.
Right to withdraw your consent Where any of our processing is based on your prior consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time. We will then stop using your Information for that processing.
Right to erasure You can ask us to erase your Information and stop using it.
Right to Limitation You may ask us to temporarily stop using your Information but require us to temporarily retain it.
Right to portability You may ask us to provide you with an export of your Information in a reusable format and, where possible, ask us to transfer it to another organisation for reuse.
Right to not to be subject to an automated individual decision You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing that produces legal effects concerning you or significantly affects you
Right to set instructions regarding your data in the event of your death You have the right to set, update or revoke instructions regarding the retention, deletion or disclosure of your Information after your death.
Right to lodge a complaint You may lodge a complaint with the authority responsible for protecting personal data (in France, the CNIL, if you believe that your rights have not been respected.

4.2. How to exercise your rights?

To exercise your rights, please contact us using the details in the "How can you contact us?" section.

We will do our best to provide you with a response within one month.

The rights you can exercise are defined by the GDPR and depend on the legal basis of our processing. There may therefore be occasions when we cannot accept a request to exercise rights because the right claimed cannot be exercised. If this is the case, we will inform you.

We may also ask you for proof of identity to ensure that it is you who is exercising your rights and where we have no other means of ensuring this. You should only send us proof of identity if we ask for it.

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